We provide exterior wall waterproofing Contractors. Whatever is the reason for dampness in the wall, we will find the cause in a professional way whether it is due to the cracks through which water seeps inside or it’s a damaged plaster, we will find it and fix it. The waterproof coating we use has properties that dry out quickly. So, it takes less time, and the job is done quickly. It is a tough and flexible coating. The coating is twice as thick as normal paint and it is resistant to algae and fungus. If you need to get an external wall waterproofing service in Bangalore we can help. Our Professional Expert Team can take care of all your waterproofing needs.

Exterior wall waterproofing contractors

Sometimes walls have a lot of problems and having a closed wall section is a sure way to get rid of these problems. This method can be done with a thick layer or a folding of the Exterior walls. Either way gives your walls the cover you need to drain the water before it touches the External walls. The outer layer of waterproofing solves the problem from the “positive side” by digging and attaching the fabric to the Exterior wall. Depending on the situation, it may also involve installing a hollowed-out drainage pipe surrounded by washed stones at the bottom of the trench to extract excess water.

Exterior cracks are a common problem and occur in almost all poured concrete structures. Wall Cracks may be caused by stress or soil settlement along the footing of the building structure. Seepage occurs when water levels in the soil rise and cause hydrostatic pressure on the Exterior walls The water finds an outlet into the Exterior or crawlspace through the crack. As soon as you notice a crack in your Exterior or crawlspace, call a concrete repair expert.

Waterproofing external walls are an excellent solution only if the walls get dampness as a result of rainwater or moisture. Before buying waterproofing products, it is important to eliminate any other causes of moisture in the building. It could be anything, from cracks in your bricks or cracks inside a wall to bursting water pipe. Once you fix the water leakage problem, you can apply a waterproofer as a preventative measure.

Not sure the severity of Exterior Wall cracks found in your home? Call today for a free inspection and resolve your Exterior Wall Waterproofing Contractors at your doorsteps., our professionals will assess the condition of your Exterior or crawlspace and come up with the best solution for your home and wallet.