Waterproofing service provider VS Waterproofing Services provides waterproofing services for interior and exterior residential and commercial properties by analyzing water leaks at home and commercial properties, dampness cracks in walls, anti-fungus angles, and we are experts waterproofing services in Yelahanka. Some of our services are Waterproofing Treatment of Terrace Leakage Waterproofing, Bathroom Waterproofing, Sumptank Waterproofing, Wall Cracks Repair, Retaining Wall Waterproofing, Expansion joints, Overhead tank waterproofing, Podium Deck, Roof Garden, Parking Decks, Underground water tank, Tile Joints Grouting Epoxy, Constructions Joints, pressure grouting, Planter Box’s, STP Tank and ETP Plant, Renovation Repair works and other areas Etc.

Waterproofing Services in Yelahanka

Our roof waterproofing services use powerful PU polymers, PU coatings such as Damp proof ensure the roof is covered, and PU coatings like Waterproofing paint will be solid and harm-free. Our profoundly experienced workforce guarantees that our clients get strain-free living in 100% waterproof homes by “VS“ Roof Waterproofing Contractors in Yelahanka.

Water leakage from the bathroom is the most common waterproofing problem and can be corrected by our waterproofing services in Yelahanka, there are many other problems with bathroom waterproofing such as rising dampness, peeling of paint, and concrete bathroom roof ceiling leakage. Call us for bathroom waterproofing contractors in Bangalore to get advice from our experts for the best results.

As well as painting services inside and outside of your home, we provide all kinds of building services. Renovation repair work bathroom, terrace, sump tank, Basement Wall Waterproofing, Expansion joint treatment, swimming pool waterproofing, and etc.,

Wetness and air leakages are the main issues faced by buildings. If no remedy is taken they will damage the structure of the building, and might even cause electrical breakdowns and cracks. Hence, a layer of waterproofing is an effective remedy. Waterproofing Services in Yelahanka assists in fixing the problem of moisture in the wall by replacing the exposed wooden sheets and bond sheets with cement added with new acrylic sheets and lead.

While sealing the cracks and repair for the existing cracked wall plasterboard, the products are available in durable weathering, cementitious, and water-absorbing ones. The other available products include 2part epoxy, fiber cement, calcium carbide, and other materials that have high moisture absorbing capability.

Why is waterproofing important?

  • Waterproofing protects your building from water and lasts a long time.
  • Construction of a new house should be started before the rainy season. When the construction starts, it can be checked with experts.’
  • Construction is cheaper if waterproofing is done.
  • Waterproofing reduces energy costs and protects the building from negative effects of climate like high winds, hail, and moisture in the air.
  • Falling walls of a building can cause injuries and damage to surrounding buildings and also to the members of the families. This can be prevented by waterproofing.
  • In some cases, there are loopholes in the roof, and water pipes leak. A waterproofing solution can resolve these problems.
  • Less than half of the houses in Bangalore are fitted with the required waterproofing.

How does a waterproofing process work?

A waterproofing treatment is a means to replace any watertight or waterproof layer of a building with a new waterproof layer. This process helps in protecting the structural elements from any unwanted leakage. A waterproofing treatment is done by using a waterproofing primer or a waterproofing emulsion.

Guaranteed waterproofing solution with excellent workmanship and committed customer service

How can you trust us?

We have successfully completed more than 5 Lakh Waterproofing Service Projects

VS Waterproofing provides powerful waterproofing services in this area. We have gained repute by doing numerous Waterproofing projects for many Industrial, Commercial, and Residential Buildings.


In case you are looking for waterproofing services in Yelahanka then you should choose the company which is offering the best waterproofing solutions.

About the Company:

VS Waterproofing Services is a reputed waterproofing company in the city of Bangalore offering waterproofing services at reasonable prices. Our company knows all the right techniques to waterproof an area with equal effectiveness, which makes us the leading provider of waterproofing solutions services in Yelahanka. We use the best material and technology in order to make the design waterproof.

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