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Sump tank leakage waterproofing solutions

we being professional sump tank leakage waterproofing solutions providers in Bangalore, Water sump tanks are meant to store water safely without any leakage. If any leakage is left untreated, over time it leads to the formation of algae and fungus that leads to the weakening of the structure. if there is a leakage in the water tank, groundwater chemicals can also contaminate the drinking water badly which can cause serious diseases especially for infants and the elderly. we come up with a proposal that we think is best suited for your water tank waterproofing needs.

Water sump leakage repair

Repairing an existing water sump tank is a time-consuming process. It is very difficult to identify the exact location of water leakage. Water travels through the smallest capillaries and can be visible or stream through a bit of the structure, when in fact the point of water tank leakage is actually somewhere else. Before we take on any water-tank waterproofing project in a society or a building, inspect the water tank thoroughly before we suggest the best leakage solution based on our expertise. Depending upon your budget and the area that you live in.

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